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A Division of L&J Associates,Inc.
since 1971

Company History

...A Glimpse of the Past...


John J. McNee-Founder

The company was founded in 1971 by John McNee, 1st. generation Irishman from New York who moved to Puerto Rico in 1951 for its warm climate.
He started the business by handpacking seeds in coin envelopes. That tedious chore was dropped in 1975 when he contracted with New York based  Page Seed Company to package seeds exclusively for the Puerto Rico market. Some of the varieties are native seeds, others are from the U.S., but the packaging was geared toward the Puerto Rican and Caribbean consumers.

...Who we are now....

We now service Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with the best quality .  All seeds are foilpacked for freshness and to protect them from the tropical humidity.  Only native and suitable varieties are packed.  Our 3 x 5 packets offer over 100 varieties of flower, vegetables and herbs. This line is distributed in various stores.  Pharmacies, agricultural, hardware or department stores.    Our 5 x 8 packets are mainly for Supermarket distribution and offer a basic line of 28 varieties.  

...Our Future
Our plans are to help home growers have the best crops.
HOW - Information on usage of certain plants as a natural insecticide.  How to get the best results and duration when cutting flowers for arrangements.  We have added more varieties for flower arrangements.  Herbs are now used commonly in our dinners.  We have more than trippled our available varieties.
Getting this and other information out to our customers  will be our next task. 

Seeds Foilpacked for Freshness * Flowers * Vegetables * Herbs  Packed in * 5X8 OR 3X5